Wisconsin is filled with many traditions—the first day of Summerfest, the rubber-duck race at Mayville’s annual Audubon Days—but none reach the giddy and artery-clogging heights of the Wisconsin State Fair. Where else can you eat a bunch of deep-fried shit on a stick, watch a pig race, and see Kenny Rogers perform at 6 p.m.? (Nowhere.) It’s a tradition that brings Wisconsinites of all shapes, sizes, and political persuasions together, and maybe sells them a few ShamWows in that As-Seen-On-TV pavilion.

Tied in with all the State Fair goodness is the annual Marveling At The New State Fair Foods—a.k.a. “Holy shit, that sounds disgusting. I wonder how much it is?” This year’s list of 101 (!) new food items is no slouch, and includes such terrifying wonders as the Bacon Bottom Porker Pizza (from Brew City) and the “Hot Mess” burger (from Tavern At The Park).

So if a “completely crustless, bacon weave bottom pizza topped with our homemade pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and sausage,” or a “juicy hamburger topped with peanut butter, honey, bacon and cheddar cheese served on a pretzel bun” sound good, feel free to peruse the rest of the new offerings here. 34 of the new food things will be part of this year’s “Sporkies” competition, which will determine the best food of the fair. The 2014 Wisconsin State Fair runs August 6-16. Kenny Rogers performs August 16.

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