We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, and will continue to say it until it’s not absolutely true: Milwaukee’s stand-up comedy scene is chock full of talent, and you should start recognizing and supporting that talent immediately. If you’re looking for a head start in figuring out which of the cluster of skilled local comics are most appealing to you…or if you’re afraid of the “painful” experience of witnessing less-than-pristine stand-up in a live setting, YouTube is a great gateway to the wealth of tremendous comedians taking the stage at clubs, bars, performance spaces, and even houses around town on a nightly basis.

Besides exploring individual comedians’ sets, an array of other videos serve to expose viewers to locally-sourced hilarity in alternative formats. Jake Kornely released two episodes of the aptly-named The Jake Kornely Show (and has four more filmed to release soon). Caste Of Killers co-founder Damon Millard—who has since moved to New York—frequently shoots installments of his video podcast, The Low-Budget Show, with Milwaukee-based humorists. And whether he’s releasing a feature-length puppet adaptation of Moby-Dick or splicing sketches into classic cinema, Ryan Lowe is always up to something hilarious. This month saw the comedy scene berthing a new concept altogether.

One-time Milwaukee Record brunch guest Josh Ballew and his Levity Radio co-host KC Michelson—who are both hilarious comics in their own right—started a series where they basically just get other comedians liquored up and pull a moment from the drunken evening for their “Having A Few” videos. The first video features future star Sammy Arechar (Seriously, get on the bandwagon now!) talking about pizza, Kurt Cobain, and Tupac.

The second has Ragtime Variety Hour co-producer and upstart comedian Lisan Wood saying…something about tentacle porn. Both videos are short and sweet snapshots of Drunk History meets traditional stand-up. Take two minutes out of your life to laugh at drunk people or, better yet, get out to a show.

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