For decades, The Rave has stood on the western fringes of Wisconsin Avenue like a fortress, beckoning Milwaukee show-goers with the promise of GWAR shows, Insane Clown Posse shows, and $14 mix drinks. It’s a divisive venue, with detractors bemoaning dicey acoustics and sub-par facilities, and defenders skipping geometry in order to get good spots at the August Burns Red show or whatever. But we kid: The Rave fills a oft-maligned but massive niche in the city’s live music scene (can you imagine seeing Marilyn Manson anywhere but The Rave?) and it’s really not that bad. It’s a perpetual awkward emo/goth kid, and we love it for it.

An errant semi cruising around The Rave’s front parking lot Sunday afternoon, however, didn’t appear to share our love. In a video captured by security cameras and posted to the venue’s YouTube account, a Celadon semi accidentally clips The Rave’s marquee while attempting to…well, we don’t know what it was attempting to do. The marquee suffers some minor but undoubtedly costly damage (best seen in this Instagram), and puts a slight damper on the night’s Emmure show, which—let’s check Google here—yeah, is totally a “metalcore” band.

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