Though the members have all been involved in a variety of projects through the years, Bad Cop/Bad Cop seems like a case of the right band with the right people happening at the right time in life. The Fat Wreck Chords foursome just finished headlining a European tour and they’re currently wrapping up a U.S. and Canada jaunt before heading back to California to continue their quest for world domination one great album at a time. Before Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s recent concert at X-Ray Arcade in Cudahy, two of the band’s members invited My First Band host Tyler Maas up the club’s green room to discuss everything that preceded this project.

While their tourmates in War On Women finished up their soundcheck, Jennie Cotterill and Stacey Dee—both singers and guitarists—talked about what led them to their eventual decisions to take up music. Cotterill talked about growing up in the Midwest before moving to California after high school and eventually pursuing a career in art that’s included work on Parks & Recreation and Metalocalypse. Meanwhile, Dee spoke about taking up guitar and making a name for herself in Angry Amputees (as featured on Tony Hawk’s Underground), Compton SF, and playing in a short-lived band called Park Royal during her stint in London. Both members also talked about how much Bad Cop/Bad Cop means to them and what the band is working on at the moment. Oh, and stick around for a quick cameo from some War On Women members at the end of the episode.

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