Every Friday, Stuff We Missed looks to other Milwaukee publications (and beyond) for, well, stuff we missed throughout the week.

• Forget “mis/disinformation.” Nuts to “untruths” and “falsehoods.” Fuck “exaggerations.” This week was absolutely loaded with straight-up malicious and traitorous lies about the Wisconsin election. The people who started them are liars and traitors. The people who shared them are liars and traitors. The people who actually believed them are liars and traitors, and fucking stupid to boot.

• “Seven Milwaukee wards report more 2020 presidential votes than registered voters.” That’s a malicious and traitorous lie.

• “Wisconsin took a break, and when they returned, Biden coincidentally came back ahead by 100k.” That’s a malicious and traitorous lie.

• “Wisconsin has more votes than people who are registered to vote. … This is direct evidence of fraud.” That’s a malicious and traitorous lie.

• “Wisconsin found 112k votes at 3am.” That’s a malicious and traitorous lie.

Find all of them (and more) thoroughly debunked HERE. “Trump is lying about election fraud. It’s distorting the 2020 presidential election,” meanwhile, is the truth. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• The 2020 Milwaukee Film Festival wrapped up last week, and while the all-virtual fest couldn’t bring people together in a physical sense, it brought a lot of people together in a digital one. MFF2020 reported a total of 66,286 attendees, 1,232 passes sold, and a cool 1,735,092 minutes of film watched. Fun!

“I’ve got one word, just incredible,” Milwaukee Film marketing director Karina Henderson told the Milwaukee Business Journal. “The response we got from our audience, from filmmakers, from our sponsors, our partners, everybody throughout the community was just tremendous. We went into this festival having absolutely no idea what to expect. We thought if we can do it, we should. We should try to deliver on our signature event. We should try to keep people engaged and give them something that they need. Everybody this fall especially needed some movies to watch. We were just overwhelmed with the amount of response and the amount of engagement.” [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Two weeks ago, we reported that a Common Council committee had approved a March 15, 20201 extension of Milwaukee’s outdoor dining program. This week, the full Common Council gave a final stamp of approval to the so-called Active Streets for Business extension. [FOX 6]

• Eh, that’s about it for this week. Christ, what a week. Stay strong, Milwaukee. Take a breath this weekend—it’s gonna be nice outside! Here’s to truth. And this old Paradise Video commercial.

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