Isn’t it hilarious that Milwaukee is out tens of thousands of visitors and millions of dollars thanks to the 2020 Democratic National Convention moving to an almost-all virtual event? Nope! Wouldn’t it be hilarious to twist that knife by doing a low-energy “Virtual Milwaukee'” tour on national television that includes dusty Milwaukee stereotypes like beer, brats, and the Bronze Fonz? Nope!

Well, here’s Stephen Colbert doing just that on last night’s Late Show. That accent! Hilarious! “Historic” Milwaukee sites like an abandoned factory and an abandoned mall! We’ll handle those jokes, Stephen! And a 24-hour livestream of yeast fermentation? GET THIS MAN ANOTHER EMMY.

(The “fun” begins at the 3:00 mark.)

Ugh. The stereotypes are fine or whatever (and true, in the case of segregation), but did you have to kick us while we’re down, Stephen? What would John Oliver do? (We’ll probably find out soon.)

Anyway, here’s something much better, courtesy of As Goes Wisconsin:

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