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Like Summerfest itself, the post-Summerfest attendance report is a beloved Milwaukee tradition. How many people enjoyed the Big Gig this year? Was attendance up or down? How many $7 cans of Miller Lite were sold? For 2015, however, the report was far from rosy: Summerfest attracted “only” 772,652 people this year, down from roughly 852,000 last year. But according to Summerfest officials, that nearly 10-percent drop was due to “external factors,” and was totally not their fault. Ryan, Evan, and Matt dig into this year’s strangely defensive report, and wonder if the external factors cited—road construction, cool weather, the MCTS “strike”—are really to blame. Next, Ryan calls for an end to articles questioning the popularity of women’s soccer and women’s sports in general, and Evan discusses the curious case of country star Kacey Musgraves and how it relates to genre tourism, sexism in mainstream country music, and old-school R&B.

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