If you’re a regular reader of Milwaukee Record, you know that we like to have a bit of fun with the various “studies” that populate the internet, and where Milwaukee ranks in these “studies.” We’re the ninth most polite city in the U.S.! We’re the 140th best city for witches! We’re a number one “coffee city”! And so on and so forth until the end of time, may God and the list makers at LawnStarter.com have mercy on our souls.

But a new study is truly on a different level, because instead of gleaning its data from Google or Instagram or whatever, it studies other studies to come up with its rankings. Yes, Clever’s 2022 “What Are the Best Cities in America?” study uses 22 previous Clever studies to bestow overall rankings to 50 U.S. cities. We’re through the looking glass here, people.

Oh, and Milwaukee comes in at number six.

“Each year at Clever, we stack the 50 most populous cities in the U.S. against one another to see how they fare in different topics, from the best cities for coffee and pizza to the worst cities for home buying and rent prices,” Clever explains. “We analyzed data from the 50 most-populous metros in the U.S. and found that Milwaukee ranks No. 6 in America. That’s impressive! The ranking was based on the normalized average of Milwaukee’s scores across 22 studies we published in 2022.”

So how did Milwaukee perform in some of Clever’s previous studies? Highlights include:

Best Coffee Cities: No. 1
Best Cities to Raise a Family: No. 2
Best Commuter Cities: No. 3
Best Cities for Climate Change: No. 5
Best Brunch Cities: No. 5

Milwaukee’s average rank throughout Clever’s previous studies was 21. The city took a top spot only once (Best Coffee Cities), but it placed in the top 15 a total of 10 times. Milwaukee also ranked number one in Clever’s “Drunkest Cities” study, though the site appears to have ignored that dubious honor for their latest study. Probably a good idea.

Anyway, thanks, Clever! And great job, Milwaukee! (And if anyone’s actually wondering, Oklahoma City was the very best city in America.)

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