As Milwaukee businesses began voluntarily closing their doors in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, one type of business remained steadfastly open: gentlemen’s clubs. As late as March 16, Silk Exotic was open for “normal business hours at all locations.” A Facebook post from that day read:

We are following all precautions and guidelines provided by the government. Health and safety of our patrons, staff and entertainers is our top priority. We encourage everyone to use their best judgement.

Good to know! Sadly, all that’s changed, but that doesn’t mean the strip show has come to a grinding halt. On Monday, Silk introduced a livestream of selected dancers doing their thing for a virtual audience and real-money tips. Yes, you can now enjoy the gentlemen’s club experience—sans V.I.P. rooms, ridiculous stacks of singles, and awkward conversation—online! Finally, some sex on the internet!

“We have increased our internet bandwidth/speed to accommodate the traffic and fixed the initial bugs. #TheShowMustGoOn and it is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥,” Silk reported on Wednesday. Here’s a preview:

So, um, yeah, just click HERE, say that you’re 18, enter an email address, and enjoy the virtual show that looks like it’s being shot in a room covered in nothing but black velvet. (NSFW, obviously.) There’s a stream going on tonight from 6-10 p.m. Check Silk’s Facebook page for future shows, apparently.

And don’t forget to “PLEASE HIT THE SEND TIP BUTTON IF YOU’RE ENJOYING THE SHOW.” You can tip the DJ, too! (Or just go to Silk’s GoFundMe site HERE. This COVID-19 thing has hurt everyone.)

Here’s a message from Silk:

Times are tough right now for all of us due to the COVID-19 pandemic and health emergency. Among those impacted are the beautiful entertainers that entertain at various Silk Exotic gentlemen’s clubs. For most of them, entertaining is their only source of income, so this current situation is especially difficult.

All gentlemen’s clubs have been closed since March 17 and since then we have been trying to find a way to carry on providing great adult entertainment while at the same time helping entertainers make ends meet. While our Silk Exotic premises stand dormant, and the business owners have lost their income, these buildings will still require necessary upkeep. As per the Emergency Order #12; SAFER AT HOME ORDER (…the minimum necessary activities to maintain the value of the business’s inventory, preserve the condition of the business’s original plant and equipment, etc), we need to make sure our business locations are taken care of while not open so we can be well prepared when the Emergency Order ends.

Well, that gave us an idea… log on this Saturday 3/28/20 from 1-3pm and watch the lovely Silk entertainers do cleaning maintenance and upkeep of the club! And… they will be topless while performing these tasks! That’s correct, 7 of Silk’s beautiful entertainers will be streaming live from Silk Exotic topless for you. Afterwards they will be packing up their heels and equipment and taking the show on the road. They will be streaming live from their homes as well! The show must and will go on…

[h/t Reddit]

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