In case the sudden change in weather and our super-sized summer festival guide didn’t tip you off, it’s almost time for, well, summer festival season. Yes, for the next four months the Henry Maier Festival Grounds will be bursting with music, beer, more music, more beer, and afternoon performances by that David Seebach magician guy. Ethnic fests like Polish Fest and Festa Italiana will bring the world to Milwaukee all summer long, while Summerfest will bring the world’s finest musicians (and DJ Pauly D) to the Milwaukee masses. From Pride Fest to Indian Summer Festival, there’s no shortage of excitement waiting for you this summer on Milwaukee’s scenic lakefront!

So what’s the best way for YOU to enjoy each of these completely unique fests? What does one wear to German Fest? What does one eat at Milwaukee Irish Fest? What does one drink at Summerfest? To help you better prepare for festival season, Milwaukee Record is proud to present the second episode in our semi-regular video series, “Run Of The Mil.” Using Honeycomb Productions’ state-of-the-art green-screen and VHS technology, we’ve crafted a handy video guide to this year’s lakefront festival lineup. (Big thanks to Wes Tank and the Honeycomb crew for once again making it happen.) We’re sure you’ll find it informative, thought-provoking, and more than a little uncomfortable. Enjoy!