Hey! You hear about this Vanguard place? Of-fucking-course you have. Since soft-opening late last October, the Bay View bar and sausage purveyor has been lauded by numerous Milwaukee publications (present company very much included) and instantly adopted by a city that’s appreciative of the restaurant’s refreshing and absolutely delicious take on local culinary staples.

Just in time for Saturday’s official unveiling of Vanguard’s decadent and spacious rear patio, Meet Milwaukee—a new hyper-localized video series produced by Yelp! and B Media & Communications—both figuratively and literally shows how the sausage is made at the beloved Bay View restaurant with its latest installment. Initially, using a Drugs Inc.-inspired approach (voice modulation and all), viewers are introduced to Vanguard owners/all-around great guys Chris Schulist and Jim McCann, as well as head chef Shay Linkus. As one enticing sausage after another comes into frame, the trio elaborates on their fun and inclusive approach that’s quickly made Vanguard an absolute Milwaukee dining institution.

Probably don’t watch this on an empty stomach.

Meet The Vanguard – “Sausage, Beer and Spirit Savants” from Meet Milwaukee on Vimeo.

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