If you somehow failed to catch a show from jazz/blues/funk/hip-hop collective Foreign Goods this summer, you clearly weren’t trying. The group, led by the ever-busy Jay Anderson, was practically in 10 places at once throughout 2016, playing block parties, street fests, club shows, and special events like Arte Para Todos and Strange Fruit. Happily, thanks to Gloss Records, you can now relive (or experience for the first time) Foreign Goods’ crowd-pleasing performance at this year’s Summer Soulstice Music Festival. A live, three-song EP dubbed Coronation captures the group at the height of its powers—loose, limber, funky, funny—just as well as it captures the sound of the summer that was.

Less than a year old, Foreign Goods’ lineup has nonetheless expanded to include a staggering 10 musicians: Anderson (saxophone), Klassik (vocals, keyboard, synth), B-Free (vocals, flute), Kyndal J. (vocals), Dailen Harris (vocals, violin), Michael Anderson (trumpet), Randy Komburec (guitar), Timothy Russell (drums), Sam Gehrke (bass), and Quinten Farr (keyboards). If you’re wondering how ridiculously well the group gels together—and how strong Milwaukee’s music scene currently is—take one listen to EP standout “Stay In Yo Lane” and get back to us.

Foreign Goods will celebrate the cassette release of Coronation Saturday, September 17 at Mad Planet. A cassette purchase or Bandcamp download of the EP comes with live performance, some of which can be seen below.

Foreign Goods // Atlantis // Summer Soulstice 2016 from Emry Brisky on Vimeo.