The world is getting smaller. Thanks to advancements in technology, fans are now able to get a firsthand glimpse into the lives and personalities of some of their favorite players. Similarly, social media has removed many of the gatekeepers that used to be set between athletes and the rest of us. While it’s still far-fetched to think it’s possible to strike up a friendship or share any truly meaningful experience with your favorite Packer, Twitter and Facebook at least allow civilians like us a more direct ways to voice your appreciation (or your displeasure) to players and personnel.

Recently, the path to fan and athlete interaction became even more direct through something called Cameo. The service allows people to book “personalized shoutouts” from a notable people in all realms of entertainment. For a fee as low as a few bucks (all the way up to hundreds or thousands of dollars), folks are able to pay a celebrity to film a personalized message to them or someone else. Cameo’s “talent” includes a wide range of actors,  musicians, comedians, YouTube stars, podcasters, reality TV footnotes, and many more.

Have you always wished Pauly Shore would wish your mom a happy birthday? That’ll be $250 please! Want Jennifer Love Hewitt to film a fun message to play at your friend’s wedding? Okay…$150. Would you like the Larry “The Soup Nazi” Thomas to wish you luck at a job interview? It’ll cost $60, but it’s possible. Could you get Jonathan Lipnicki to tell a story about filming The Little Vampire for your girlfriend’s birthday even though she’s never seen the movie? You absolutely can and it was the best $40 we ever spent.

You get the point. However, it’s also important to note that there’s also an abundance of Packers players in Cameo’s vast crop of talent. This list includes current players, former players, a handful of Packers Hall Of Famers, and at least one Pro Football Hall Of Fame player. For as low as $10 (and as much as $500), you have the chance to get your favorite Green Bay player to give you a personalized message that you can hold onto forever. Since the season is young and the holidays are right around the corner, we’ve combed the site to assemble this guide to help you find (and potentially even book) Packers players on Cameo…and a few Badgers players too.

Current Packers

Though we’re hoping it’s not a distraction to do so during the season, a number of players on Green Bay’s active roster are in the Cameo family. Kenny Clark tops the charts with a $200 fee, but he seems to put a lot of himself into his messages. You’re also able to book Cameos from a majority of the Packers backfield, as Jamaal Williams can talk about mermaids and more for $105, Aaron Jones costs $100, and Dexter Williams makes for a good third-string booking option at $45. For those not looking to spend a lot, Ty Summers is just $10, which is worth it if you’re sending it to someone who knows who Ty Summer is.

Kenny Clark — $200
Jamaal Williams — $105
Aaron Jones — $100
Mercedes Lewis — $100
Dexter Williams — $45
Tyler Lancaster — $40
Allen Lazard — $30
Danny Vitale — $25
Chandron Sullivan — $25
Elgton Jenkins — $15
Ty Summers — $10

Former Packers

Unfortunately, much of the word learned about Cameo when Brett Favre unknowingly recorded a coded message for a white supremacist group last year. However, he’s still active on the platform (and hopefully vetting his requests much more carefully now) for $500 a pop. You can ask Ty Montgomery to explain why he returned that kick against the Rams last year, but it’ll cost you $150.

Otherwise, you can spend that money far better by booking Green Bay legends like Gilbert Brown, Antonio Freeman, and Ahman Green for much less. For our money, Don Beebe is the best value at a mere $25. We actually booked him for this article and asked him to talk about his time with the Packers. Just as he did throughout his football career, he came through in a big way.

Here’s the full list of former Packers on Cameo.

Brett Favre — $500
Josh Jones — $250
Ty Montgomery — $150
Gilbert Brown — $75
Seth Joyner — $75
Ahman Green — $50
Antonio Freeman — $40
Brett Hundley — $40
James Crawford — $30
Natrell Jamerson — $25
Tray Matthews — $25
Don Beebe — $25
Dale Moss — $25
John Gilmore — $20
Marcus Porter — $20
Devante Mays — $20
Gerhard de Beer — $10
Nate Palmer — $10

Wisconsin Badgers

If you’re more of a college football person, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a few Badgers alumnus on Cameo as well. On the high end of things, Patriots star and multi-Super Bowl champ James White costs a hefty $275. On the other end of the spectrum, former Heisman hopeful Montee Ball can dole out some fantasy football trash talk (or talk on a number of other topics) for just $15. Joe Thomas and Cecil Martin also boost the Cameo caliber of the former Badgers you can book.

James White — $275
Joe Thomas — $195
Cecil Martin — $25
Montee Ball — $15
Vince Biegel — $15
Rob Wheelwright — $10