We’re sad to inform you that after 10 years of celebrating “self-love and counterculture” that’s largely based around the Shrek film franchise, Shrekfest has come to an end. Organizers officially announced the festival’s conclusion on social media on Saturday.

If you’ve been living alone in a bog and you’re unfamiliar with Shrekfest, the event was founded by an online comedy company called 3GI way back in 2014 and was hosted at Warner Park on Madison’s north side through 2021. After some fruitful (well, onion-full) years of off-kilter fun in the state’s capital city, organizers decided to move the event to Milwaukee in 2022. That installment brought an estimated 3,000 attendees from all over the world to Humboldt Park for a day of Shrek-focused festivities. Last year’s edition brought even more attendees to the Bay View Park.

Here’s the statement the Shrekfest team posted on Twitter:

Dear Shrekfest Family,

For 10 years we’ve had the privilege of throwing the epic party known as Shrekfest. All good things must come to an end however, and it’s with a heavy heart that we announce the conclusion of Shrekfest.

It is with a mix of emotions that we bid adieu to Shrekfest, the ultimate celebration of love, laughter, and our favorite green ogre. Over the years, this event has become more than just a festival; it’s been a journey of joy, unity, and unforgettable memories.

Each and every Shrekfest was an adventure. Bizarre games, epic live performances, and enthusiastic movie screenings. Rain or shine, you joined us armed with blankets, chairs, and plenty of onions. It was a truly magical experience for all ages.

What started as a joke in 2014 turned into an annual tradition for many. Shrekfest became a symbol of love and life. We all came together to celebrate the unconventional, embrace diversity, and share in the joy that Shrek has brought into our lives.

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who supported us throughout the years—our attendees, sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who made this festival a cherished part of our lives. Your enthusiasm & love fueled the magic of Shrekfest, and for that, we are forever grateful.

3GI will carry the Shrekfest legacy with pride and look forward to the next weird project. The community we built surrounding the festival is welcome to join us for our next chapter, as we carry the values of community and collaborative projects, like our upcoming Shrek 2 Retold.

Though this chapter of Shrekfest is closing, the memories and friendships forged in the swamp will remain eternally green. Thank you for being a part of this extraordinary journey. Let’s cherish the moments we’ve shared and carry the spirit of Shrekfest with us always.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Happily ever after,
The Shrekfest Team

So long, Shrekfest. Thanks for the memories.

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