And then there were 16! What started as a field of 64 Wisconsin State Fair fixtures has been reduced to a quarter of its original size. Round 2 featured a few landslides by favored things, some extremely close calls, a handful of upsets, and the continued dominance of Pat McCurdy. Over the course of the tournament’s first two rounds, more than 22,000 total votes were cast. Now it’s time to trim the 16 remaining Fair items down to only eight.

As was the case last round, the competitors have been separated into the following regions: Food & Drink, Entertainment, Agriculture & Retail, and Miscellaneous. Round 3 started July 17 and runs through July 23. Subsequent rounds will take place July 24-27, July 28-30, and the Finals will run through 11:59 p.m. on July 31. Vote early and vote as many times as you’d like. Round 3 of Milwaukee Record‘s Wisconsin Fair Bracket (sponsored by Lakefront Brewery), as well as a JPG of the bracket itself to this point, can be found below!

Roasted Corn vs. Lemonade

"On-A-Stick" Food vs. Milk Barn

Giant Slide vs. Dog Diving

Pig Races vs. Pat McCurdy

Baked Goods vs. Rabbits

Wisconsin Products Pavilion vs. Horses

Parking On Lawns vs. Celebrity Sighting (Charlie Berens, Giannis, Etc.)

DNR Exploratory Park vs. West Allis Bars

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