Milwaukee Record is working in partnership with Urban Cat Coalition—a local organization that’s dedicated to creating a no kill community by humanely reducing the cat population in the Milwaukee area through targeted trap-neuter-return (TNR)—to help find loving homes for area cats. Each week, we plan to highlight a feline friend that’s currently up for adoption by naming it “Milwaukee Record’s Cat Of The Week.” This week: your future best friend Linus.

This is Linus. Look at that big ‘ol mug and his grizzled face and tell us you’re not already in love. He’s estimated to be about three years old, but could also be 80. Maybe he’s the feline purrsonification of an immortal forest spirit. Who can say for sure?

Linus was an abandoned street cat for a time: long enough to get himself into some fights, probably father at least a couple dozen children, and roll around in enough dirt to make his white coat look grey. By the time he was caught and brought to animal control, he was down at least four teeth and one ear tip. He’s got lots of stories to tell if you can speak cat. We mean it! He loves a good conversation.

There’s little Linus loves more than plopping all 13 pounds of his body unceremoniously onto your lap and making biscuits on your thighs and tummy. Abs of steel got nothing on Linus’s tenderizing tendencies and he loves to love you. Being pet is his absolute favorite activity during snuggle time and one hand is just not always enough.

When he’s happiest, he leaks! Linus drools a little bit as a way to show just how much he appreciates the adoration! The poor guy had a noncancerous mass removed from his gums, so when he feels relaxed and blissed out, those happy hormones lead to a little bit of happy waterworks.

He is soaking up as much nap time as he can now that he’s safe indoors, but Linus still has some kitten-like energy and LOVES to play with a wand toy for about 15 minutes a day (though not consecutively). Linus is also the king of mid-play snacks and he takes frequent breaks in playtime to get a nibble or two.

Linus is also still learning that humans can’t play the way cats do, so a cat friend he can wrestle with is a must. He is definitely craving a cat friend. To wrap up, here’s a short list of things Linus loves: getting brushed, crunchy treats, cheek and chin rubs, catnip, and your undying love and devotion. Linus is best friend material!


Friendly, Affectionate, Loyal, Playful, Funny, Curious, Brave, Loves Kisses

Coat length


Vaccinations up to date neutered

Good in a home with
Other cats

Prefers a home without

DOB: 05/10/2020

Urban Cat Coalition Policies

All cats are altered, microchipped, dewormed and given age appropriate vaccinations.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have a physical shelter, therefore all our cats reside in foster homes. We do require a completed application prior to setting up a Meet & Greet in a foster home. Complete an application today!

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