Despite all its amenities and hit-and-miss “placemaking” efforts, it’s not unfair to suggest downtown Milwaukee’s nightlife can be a little lacking at times. In the early hours of Thursday morning—within 48 hours of downtown being alive with GOP supporters and protestors on hand to witness the Republican party’s top three presidential candidates engaged in a town hall discussion—the region reverted to its predominate state of nighttime desolation. Exactly how devoid of humanity was it? A fox was roaming the sidewalks with prey in its mouth.

The strange, faintly post-apocalyptic scene was documented by High Dive owner Jason McBrady and his friend/Monday night bartender Sean Molony as the two were driving downtown Thursday morning.

“We were just driving back to Riverwest at 2:45 a.m. when Jason thought he spotted a pig, so we turned to try and spot it again, but turns out it was a fox,” Molony tells Milwaukee Record.

The pair followed Downtown Fox™ (patent pending!) and the unidentified prey it was clutching in its mouth for a few minutes and, fortunately, managed to film some of it. Downtown Fox joins the likes of East Side Turkey, Bay View’s foxes, The Milwaukee Lion, Milverine, and that Dancing Trash Collector Guy on a long list of interesting creatures roaming our fair city.

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