Earlier this week, in the wake of the news that Milwaukee’s beloved Mitchell Park Domes would be closed indefinitely, a random GoFundMe campaign popped up with the goal of raising $10 million to save the nearly 50-year-old landmarks. We wrote about it, and it blew up. Unfortunately, while it was a nice sentiment, that GoFundMe campaign had absolutely zero connection to the County, the City, or the Domes. It was quickly disabled, and the few funds it did manage to raise were given to the Friends of the Domes.

But! Now there’s a REAL GoFundMe campaign, created by the Friends of the Domes. Who are the Friends of the Domes, you ask?

The organization is managed by a volunteer board of directors and paid staff. The Friends directly channel resources that make possible many of the educational, scientific, and cultural programs held at this very special and unique community landmark. Our support compliments, but is separate from the support provided by Milwaukee County.

“As the Friends of the Domes,” the campaign continues, “we are committed to not only making sure that repairs are completed for the current facility to keep it up and running right now, but also to a future for the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, whether it is a full repair of the current conservatory or a new conservatory to take us into the future.”

The real GoFundMe campaign has a relatively modest goal of $100,000, and can be found here. So use that one. Or just take your kids to the Shops of Grand Avenue.

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