Plug “creepy clowns” into the ol’ Google machine and you’ll be flooded with countless headlines about mysterious and malevolent-looking clowns being spotted throughout the U.S. and beyond. Seriously, this shit is getting out of control. While most reports are simply internet-spun hoaxes and misinformation, others have some basis in reality—yes, people really are dressing up as creepy clowns and prowling around in the dark, if only to fuck with people. And again: this shit is getting out of control.

And so it goes in the Milwaukee area, which has seen a flood of “creepy clown” stories tottering menacingly throughout today’s news, Pennywise-in-It-style. So here, Milwaukee, are your “creepy clown” updates for Wednesday, October 5.

• A Milwaukee Police Department squad car was deployed outside of Milwaukee Public School’s Riverside University High School on Monday, October 3, due to “threats against schools involving individuals wearing clown masks.” The car was placed “out of an abundance of caution.” Fox6 has more.

• Sheboygan authorities have been fielding calls about their own “creepy clown” sightings. According to TMJ4, the Sheboygan clowns have been “walking about and on an occasion, partaking in nuisance type activity,” as well as “trespassing on property, knocking on residents’ windows and doors, chasing citizens down the roadway, and sending threatening messages on social media is and can lead to a citation or an arrest.”

• Over in Racine, police responded to Jerstad-Agerholm Middle School Wednesday afternoon following a “creepy clown” report. Fox6 says a school spokeswoman issued this statement:

“We became aware of a social media post mentioning Jerstad-Agerholm (Wednesday) afternoon. We have been in contact with police about this hoax. The police do not believe it is credible, but have been working with us to respond and provide some extra attention to our schools.”

• Oak Creek is down with the clown, too. Earlier today, the city issued this statement via Facebook:

“The Oak Creek Police Department has received numerous reports of threats to community members. The reports have suggested that a costumed clown is in the area threatening young people.

“The OCPD is aware of a fictional Facebook profile in which the person identifies as a costumed clown. This profile has befriended many young people and the author has posted crude, insensitive comments and vague threats. This account has since been removed.

“The Oak Creek Police Department has found no credible threat. It has been reported that ‘copycat’ costume clowns have been seen in the Oak Creek area. The Oak Creek Police Department has not been able to substantiate any of these reports.

“We recommend that parents monitor their child’s use of social media. Make certain that they block or de-friend all stranger profiles and report the account to the social media provider.

“Please call the Oak Creek Police Department at (414) 762-8200 to report behaviors that match the above complaint and similar suspicious activity.”

• And though it may be stretching the definition of “Milwaukee-area,” a West Bend 12-year-old may be charged with disorderly conduct for posing as a creepy clown and sending threatening text messages to her fellow students. According to Fox6, the messages included things like “if you see a red balloon, just know I was there,” and “do you want to play?”

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