On Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Tony Evers released a video statement regarding the news that—despite grim record-setting COVID-19 numbers—a judge has temporarily blocked the state’s month-long occupancy limit for bars, restaurants, and other indoor public gatherings. Here’s what Evers said:

Hello, Wisconsin. Governor Tony Evers here. Today there was a dangerous decision to temporarily put a hold on our order limiting public gatherings. We’ll be challenging that decision, but here’s the bottom line: We have to stay the course.

We are at a critical point in the battle against this virus. Yesterday we had a record-setting day of hospitalization, new cases, and COVID-19 deaths. Just because some folks out there want to see full bars and full hospitals, doesn’t mean we have to listen. The longer it takes for folks to take this virus seriously, the longer it will take to get our economy and our communities back on track.

We want to get back to enjoying our favorite bars and restaurants, public events, and some sense of normal. And we need you to stay home. Even the White House agrees. In this week’s report for the state of Wisconsin, they said this: “Lack of compliance with these measures will lead to preventable deaths.”

Here’s the bottom line: What we are seeing is not inevitable. We control our own destiny here, and we do not have to accept rising case numbers and community spread. Folks, stay home. Limit your outings to essential needs for the time being like work and groceries, and always wear a face covering when you are out and about. I know this has been tough, but we can, and we will get through these hard times if we band together, look out for our neighbors, and put science and public health before politics.

That’s what I’m going to do, and I hope you’ll join me. Thanks so much.

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