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A little over five years ago, we delved into some dirtiness by rounding up 10 “kind-of-suggestive” Milwaukee street names. Well, since we’re currently in the tail end of Spirit Of Summer Week here at Milwaukee Record, we figured it’s as good a time as any to broaden the scope of implicit lewdness to include places all over the state of Wisconsin. However, instead of focusing our immaturity on mere streets this time, we decided to assemble a list of “kind-of-suggestive” Wisconsin cities. And yes, before the increasingly pedantic Facebook commenters whine about it, some of these are technically towns, villages, and unincorporated municipalities. Whatever. We think they still count.

26. Sussex
25. Woodman
24. Bloomer
23. Drywood
22. Beaver Brook
21. Mound
20. Petersville
19. Pipe
18. Romance
17. Busseyville
16. Spooner
15. Woodville
14. Woodboro
13. Beaver Dam
12. Frenchville
11. Brodhead
10. Tainter Lake
9. Bangor
8. Pound
7. Beaver
6. Dickeyville
5. Longwood
4. Nutterville
3. Plugtown
2. Breed
1. Spread Eagle

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