The physical act of love can be a natural and zesty enterprise, and it happens often in Milwaukee. In fact, evidence suggests that at least one member of Milwaukee Record has had sex at least once. Nice.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in a respectful and generally awesome sexual relationship, you and your partner(s) will want to take note of the following Milwaukee County street names. A detour down these streets could provide a spicy little spark for your evening, or at least a new way to kill some refractory period time.

Light some candles and put on some John Tesh, because here are our top 10 kind-of-suggestive street names.

10. Wood Place

9. Gengler Circle
(This one isn’t sexual, but it sounds like it could be.)

8. Cawker Place

7. Beaver Court

6. Swallow Lane
(Not pictured. Private property.)

5. Moorehead Lane

4. Finger Place

3. Randy Road
(This one gets bonus points because of “Crazy Train.”)

2. 69th Street & Milwaukee Avenue

1. Donges Road

Honorable Mention: (T)Estes Street
(Photo courtesy of Rachel Seis.)

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