Ever think to yourself, “Gee, I wish Milwaukee had more festivals during the summer”? Of course you haven’t, because Milwaukee has approximately 8,000 festivals during the summer. Oops, make that 8,001: This week sees the debut of Croc By Croc West, a three-day music festival at Quarters Rock ‘N’ Roll Palace featuring some of Milwaukee’s best acts. The fest comes courtesy of Milwaukee artist collective and experimental record label Big Croc Records, along with events production company CoolHunting.

Check out the lineup below, chronologically ordered for your safety. All shows begin at 8 p.m., and are $5 at the door. All proceeds will be donated to the Wisconsin Wetlands Association. Oh, and there’ll be free pizza from Ian’s!

Max Holiday (DJ set)
Dead Pawn
Teenage Woman
The Fatty Acids
Bob Bailey

Home Team (DJ sets)
Fjord F-150 x Marshamarshamarsha
Andi Action
Platinum Boys

Johnny Dollar (DJ sets)
Apollo Vermouth
River Rats
Surgeons In Heat
Liquid City Motors

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