Between having a remarkable career as one of the most dominant closers in Major League history and having a distinct handlebar mustache above his upper lip for much of that legendary career, Rollie Fingers remains one of the most beloved and recognized figures in baseball. That popularity transcends the world of sports, largely because of that classic ‘stache, and makes the Hall Of Fame hurler an ideal—excuse the pun—pitchman. In previous seasons, Fingers has pushed Pepsi products and hocked Miller Lite. Now, Fingers is putting his famous follicles and winning personality to work for a new ad campaign for Screamin’ Sicilian, a local frozen pizza company that shares Fingers’ affinity for facial hair.

In the first commercial for Screamin’ Sicilian‘s “Stach Envy Contest” promotion, local comedian and improviser Tim Higgins calls Fingers in to provide relief for a friend who can’t quite finish off a slice.

“Working with Rollie was so cool. He’s very nice and fun” Higgins tells Milwaukee Record. “Better yet, it was great to meet an idol from childhood. He had some amazing tips on how to keep a handlebar mustache on point.

Beyond grooming tips, the accomplished closer also pitched in some comic relief, both in the ad itself and a blooper reel. While he’s likely best known worldwide for his work in an Oakland Athletics uniform, it’s great to see Fingers remains willing to don a Brewers uniform and use his Milwaukee celebrity and his glorious mustache to help out a local company.

And here’s a video of him chewing for 15 seconds for some reason.

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