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• Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week—or, thank god for you, you’re not forced to stare at Twitter all day—you’ve probably been enjoying the ongoing American junk food adventures of Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. On June 4, following a trip to Forever 21, Giannis tried his very first corndog. A big moment in anyone’s life! Here’s what he had to say:

From there, the Greek Freak’s taste buds were set alight for all things quintessentially American and junky. “Next step Kool Aid! I’ll tell y’all what I think when I try it lol 😂” he tweeted the next day. The subsequent review (sadly not accompanied by a picture of Giannis sporting a Kool-Aid mustache) said it all:

And then, on June 7, FUNYUNS (and a well-earned nod to Cool Ranch Doritos):

So, yeah: What is next for the Freak? As of this writing:

#StayFreaky, indeed. No word yet on a possible State Fair endorsement, and/or a statement from Bel Air. [Twitter]

• Speaking of the Bucks, the team recently finalized a rights deal with Fox Sports Wisconsin for a cool $200 million. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Oh, and the area surrounding the new Bucks arena will feature 15 custom-painted fire hydrants. [Urban Milwaukee]

• Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, which was nearly destroyed in a fire on May 15, will rebuild. According to Rev. Jonah P. Burakowski of the Missouri Synod of The Lutheran Church’s South Wisconsin District:

Pierce Engineers Inc. visited our facility on May 30 to inspect the existing structure and determine the condition of the existing masonry walls. We met with our engineers on Friday, June 1, and learned the existing walls and gables, upon providing temporary shoring/bracing, are stable and appear to be in satisfactory condition for reconstruction without needing any demolition.

We have retained Triad Construction Inc. to stabilize the walls and put a roof on the building so salvage of the sanctuary can begin. Our intent is to rebuild so that the Gospel of Christ crucified for the sin of mankind can continue to be proclaimed for many generations to come.

A timeline for the rebuild has yet to be set. [OnMilwaukee]

• Cassius and Naku, the two Western lowlands gorillas who died at the Milwaukee County Zoo in April, died of gastrointestinal infections, “likely E. coli from the exhibit’s water system.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• Former Ugly Brothers singer/guitarist Alex Shah has a new band, Vanity Plates. The group just released its debut album, You Want To Move. It’s great. [Shepherd Express]

• If you need some condoms and you’re planning on checking out PrideFest this weekend, be on the lookout for the “Rubber Rover.” [WUWM]

• The long-in-the-works Uncle Wolfie’s Breakfast Tavern, 234 E. Vine St., is almost open. [OnMilwaukee]

• The future of the Kinnickinnic Avenue business improvement district—a.k.a. Bay View BID #44—is a hot topic, apparently. [Urban Milwaukee]

• Lowlands Group is going all out for the World Cup, which begins June 14. [OnMilwaukee]

• Have a great weekend, Milwaukee!

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