As you may or may not know, infamous O.J. Simpson house guest Kato Kaelin is a big Wisconsin sports nut. Though now living and working (apparently) in Los Angeles, the 56-year-old Kaelin originally hails from Milwaukee, and shows his Wisconsin pride to this day by keeping tabs on teams like the Brewers and the Packers. Follow him on Twitter and you’ll be treated to incisive, well-reasoned thoughts on Wisconsin teams, as well as…okay, not really. Dude gets super fucking pissed when things go wrong and it’s really, really funny to watch him implode.

So, in case you’re looking to relive last night’s insane Green Bay Packers win against the Detroit Lions—in which pretty much everything went wrong until a thrilling final untimed play—we present some of Kaelin’s most hilariously angry tweets from the game, in chronological order, even after he threatened to stop watching in the second quarter.