Red Bull’s annual Flugtag event—in which folks construct their own ridiculous “flying” machines and “fly” them off a ramp into a body of water—has been going on since 1992. It’s been held in countless cities all over the world. It’s never taken place in Milwaukee.


Yes, Red Bull Flugtag is set to fly, crash, splash, and delight Wisconsinites Saturday, July 16 at Veteran’s Park. “The iconic Red Bull event takes place July 16 and challenges Midwesterners to launch one-of-a-kind airships off a 27-foot flight deck erected in the historic Veterans Park and into Lake Michigan,” explains a press release. Need we say more? (“Flugtag,” by the way, is German for “flying day.”)

How about the celebrity judges, who will rank the creativity, performance, and distance of the flights? The one and only Donald Driver will be among them, as well as local TikTok creator JMatt and Kwik Trip social media star Paige Forde. A Packer, a TikTok creator, and the person behind Kwik Trip’s social media. It doesn’t get more 2021 Wisconsin than that. (Kenosha Red Bull snocross athlete Nick Lorenz and trans showgirl and entertainer Janelle Dumott will also be on hand.)

“Additionally,” says the press release, “Red Bull is enlisting some of Wisconsin’s up-and-coming talent as personal coaches who will help teams enhance their stage presence, uplevel their craft design, and grow their social followings. One of them is Barrio Dance, a Madison-based dance crew known for their collaborative movements and immersive workshops, who will help teams come up with the best walk-in moments. Hot 105.7’s DJ Gee-A also joins Red Bull Flugtag as one of the event hosts who will help showcase participating teams.”

Registration for up to 60 teams is open NOW, and closes April 25 at 5 p.m.

Oh, and the current world record for longest flight? An impressive 258 feet!

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