Even though the Green Bay Packers aren’t in the playoffs and they haven’t really been in the postseason conversation since [looks at watch] like 2016, there are some recent team developments that fans can be happy about. Last week, Green Bay made Matt LaFleur their new head coach. That encouraging news was quickly followed by something even better: it’s now possible to buy a Gerhard de Beer jersey.

In case you don’t recall, the Packers signed the South African-born offensive lineman and Arizona Wildcats standout to their practice squad last November after he was cut by the Bills. Then he instantly became your favorite player because his last name is “de Beer.” Sadly, you weren’t able to show your love for de Beer with a jersey. Until now!

The garment’s lack of availability was due to some combination of the word “beer” being prohibited for NFL Shop personalized jerseys, lowercase letters being uncommon options, and the fact Gerhard de Beer was an unproven rookie who had yet to ascend beyond the practice squad ranks. However, thanks to work put in by de Beer himself, the misunderstanding was all sorted out and his jersey was made available for purchase yesterday.

If you have high hopes for the young Packers lineman and/or $99 to spare on a hilarious novelty jersey that will make your buddies laugh, Gerhard de Beer jerseys are available now.

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