Things are pretty good for Giannis Antetokounmpo right now. Last season, the Bucks star signed a $100M extension, the proceeded to earn an All-Star spot and lead Milwaukee to the playoffs. Along the way, he ranked in the top 15 in the NBA’s points, rebounds, and minutes rankings and in the top 10 in blocks and steals. Within the last week, Antetokounmpo won the NBA’s Most Improved Player award and saw his standing in the Eastern Conference rise with Paul George and Jimmy Butler being dealt to Western Conference teams.

Just when you thought things couldn’t be any better for the young Buck, he’s now reached “hip-hop lyric” levels of notoriety. Last week, legendary rap outfit (and Red Dot regulars) Public Enemy released a new record, Nothing Is Quick In The Desert, to commemorate the influential group’s 30th year in existence. The 15th studio album, which is available for free on Public Enemy’s Bandcamp page, features a song called “Toxic.” During the track’s chorus, none other than Flavor Flav himself proclaims “Antetokounmpo!”—with commendable pronunciation, no less—before Chuck D shuts it down with a Dikembe Mutombo reference.

The Greek Freak getting a Public Enemy shout-out and having his name mentioned in such close proximity to one of the greatest centers to ever play the game is nothing short of an honor, and yet another indication that Antetokounmpo is getting well-deserved national acclaim. Listen to “Toxic” now, and probably go ahead and just download the entire album while you’re at it. [h/t Chuck]

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