It’s a good time to be a Packers fan. Green Bay heads into Sunday night’s game in Kansas City sitting atop their division with an impressive 6-1 record. First-year coach Matt LaFleur is off to an incredible start. The franchise has a formidable defense and a newfound commitment to the run. That said, Aaron Rodgers is having a great season so far as well, including last weekend’s blowout at home versus Oakland in which the quarterback threw for 429 yards and five touchdowns (plus another rushing TD).

Yes, with the Chiefs coming up on the schedule and Minnesota staying frustratingly in the hunt for the division, there’s still room for error and some cause for concern. The Packers have been pretty great so far in 2019, but things could always be better. But we’re not going to think about that right now. Instead, we’re just going to take some time to just enjoy the ride. We suggest you do the same.

How do we kick back and relax in the days leading up to what’s sure to be a challenging contest at Arrowhead Stadium (which, contrary to early reports, Patrick Mahomes might miraculously play in)? With classic Packers television commercials, of course! If you’re panicking about Sunday or waiting for the bottom to fall out on this encouraging young season, clear your mind with this perfectly-aged batch of old TV spots that feature terrible production values, substandard acting, and consumer items few Packers would honestly stand behind.

John Jurkovic — American
We can see why Gareth Reynolds loves this guy.

Robert Brooks and Aaron Taylor — We have no idea why this was made
Okay, so it’s not a commercial for anything in particular, but there’s no way we were leaving this one off the list.

Reggie White — Campbell’s Chunky Soup
“That’s my mom.”

“Oh yeah? Which one?”

Brett Favre and Reggie White — Edge Pro Gel
Remember when Brett Favre got the record for most consecutive starts by an NFL player? Remember when he played an entire season with a broken thumb on his throwing hand? Remember how he had one of his most amazing games just days after his father’s tragic death? Anyway, shaving with foam hurts his skin.

Reggie White — Nike
Jerry Stiller plays Vince Lombardi in this one. We think? That or he’s just an old, grumpy guy in a tub.

Santana Dotson — Schaefer Motor Sales
Since we’re not able to find the Good Feet Store ad where Dotson slowly raises his head and smiles, this one will have to do. Please send us that commercial if you have it. Also, we’d drastically overpay for that #71 polo.

LeRoy Butler — The Good Feet Store
Speaking of The Good Feet Store, this one is a bit newer, but we can’t talk about ’90s Packers without including OUR CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND and person whose wedding our mom attended LeRoy Butler.

Mike McCarthy — Service Motor Company
Since we couldn’t find any of Mike Holmgren’s Cellcom commercials, we’ll sub in this gem from Mike McCarthy’s days as a pitchman for Service Motor Company. It’s not very old, but if it’s any consolation, it looks like it was made in 1997.

Mike Sherman — Cellcom
We legitimately forgot Mike Sherman was a coach for a minute there. This ad from, like, the year 2000 makes us happy we remembered. Get a load of those ringtones.


Cellcom sent us a link for some “commercials through the years,” including ads starring notable Packers front office figures like Mike Holmgren, Ron Wolf, Mike Sherman, Mike McCarthy, and Sasquatch. Thanks, Cellcom!

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