In case you weren’t aware, Aaron Jones was on last night’s Celebrity Family Feud episode. The Packers running back—who managed 19 rushing touchdowns and a franchise record of 23 total touchdowns last season—faced off against the NFLPA Hall Of Fame team as a member of the NFLPA Rising Stars team.

Though (spoiler alert!) Jones and company ultimately lost to the Hall Of Fame team—which featured former Packers coach Kevin Greene in its ranks—the criminally underrated rusher managed a pretty respectable performance. Host Steve Harvey also gave Jones the credit he deserved when introducing him, saying “Twenty three touchdowns? Damn!”

In case you missed it and you don’t plan to watch it later on Hulu or YouTube or whatever, here are Jones’ answers and the number of points each of them earned.

“Admit it: You might love your ___ more than you love your family.”
Car/Truck — 11

“Name an animal that, if it sat on you, it would probably kill you”
Rhinoceros — X

Jones also had a chance to bring the Rising Stars to victory in the sudden death round, but Bruce Smith got to the buzzer first. While it wasn’t exactly Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy!-level performance, the Packers back still wasn’t too shabby.