Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was a contestant on Tuesday’s episode of Celebrity Jeopardy! And because he’s the reigning NFL MVP and totally awesome, he won. Rodgers—decked out in a Mr. Rogers sweater, which you just know he thought was hilarious—defeated astronaut Mark Kelly and some dude from Shark Tank to win $50,000 for the MACC Fund. At one point, Alex Trebek did the Discount Double Check belt thing. And Rodgers may have said “fuck” when he blew an easy Daily Double. (See the embedded Vine below.)

Anyway, in honor of Rodgers’ triumph, here are all of his correct answers (in the form of questions, of course), free of context. He totally killed in the “Bible MVPs” category.

“Who is John Stockton?”
“Who is Moses?”
“Who is Peter?”
“Who is Sarah?”
“Who is Neeson?”
“What is a bald eagle?”
“What is corn?”
“Who is Jennifer Lopez?”
“Who is Robin Wright?”
“What is chips?”
“What is the South Pole?”
“Who is Alexander the Great?”
“What is Mount Everest?”
“Who is Custer?”
“What are reactions?”
“What is a newlywed?”
“What is a no-hitter?”
“Who is Norm?”
“What is Philadelphia?”
“Who is Brown?”
“What is the fin?”
“What is Mandalay Bay?”

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