The Milwaukee Bucks‘ 2017-2018 season is only just underway, but it’s already a memorable one. The “Return to the MECCA” game (which we totally went to in person), the dude dressed as Milhouse, the existence of Giannis Antetokounmpo—they’ve all come together to give Milwaukee basketball fans a chance to #OwnTheFuture, the rest of the league a reason to #FearTheDeer, and whatever 14 other Bucks hashtags happen to be floating around this afternoon. Another exciting Bucks milestone: 49 years ago today, the team won its first game. Ever.

Okay, the Bucks were new and it was their sixth game overall, but on October 31, 1968, they notched their first official “W.” The Bucks’ inaugural 1968-1969 season got off to a rocky start two weeks earlier, with an 89-84 loss to the visiting Chicago Bulls. Four more losses followed. But on Halloween, the Bucks pulled off a convincing 134-118 win over the visiting Detroit Pistons. Wayne Embry led the scoring with 30 points. (Four years later, Embry would become the Bucks general manager, and the first African-American GM.)

The rest of the season didn’t quite pan out, however; the Bucks finished with a 27-55 record, last in the Eastern Division. But still: The Bucks win! For the first time! Truly the NBA’s greatest year.