Milwaukee County Makes Herstory with 2024-26 Term

Board Shatters Glass Ceiling with First Women Majority in Body’s History

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors has made history with women now holding 10 out of 18 County Board seats following the Spring General Election. The Spring election resulted in the election of Anne O’Connor (District 1), Sequanna Taylor (District 5), Felesia Martin (District 7), Patti Logsdon (District 9), Marcelia Nicholson (District 10), Kathleen Vincent (District 11), Priscilla E. Coggs-Jones (District 13), Caroline Goìmez-Tom (District 14), Sky Z. Capriolo (District 15), Deanna Alexander (District 18). With Sky Z. Capriolo assuming the role of District 15 Supervisor, Milwaukee County has reached a significant milestone of a woman majority for the first time.

Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson, who wore white to the ceremony in honor of solidarity for women’s rights, made the following statement:

“As we celebrate this historic milestone, it’s essential to acknowledge the giants who have come before us. From Vel Phillips to Gwen Moore, Bernice K. Rose, and countless others, their tireless advocacy and unwavering determination have propelled us forward. Today, we stand on their shoulders, proud to carry on their legacy of courage and resilience,” said Chairwoman Nicholson. “By embracing the principles of equity and representation, we honor their contributions and ensure that the voices of all individuals, past and present, are heard and cherished. Together, we forge a future where every voice matters, every perspective is valued, and every dream is within reach.”

Supervisor Sky Z. Capriolo expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve alongside her colleagues and contribute to the county’s progress:

“I am honored to join the Milwaukee County Board and work alongside these exceptional women and dedicated colleagues. The power of women holding significant positions of leadership cannot be understated, and I am eager to see the transformative impact this shift will bring to the board’s decision-making processes and the community at large. Together, we will continue to advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion in our community” said Supervisor Sky Z. Capriolo.

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