You might know Andy Slania from…actually, you probably don’t know him because when he takes the stage, he’s simply known as The Eradicator. The Chicago hardcore band that’s based on a 25-year-old sketch from The Kids In The Hall has quickly made a name for itself in the punk world with hilarious and high-caliber shows throughout the country (and Australia) and two great releases—plus an awesome new record that came out today. When he’s not wearing a ski mask and clutching a squash racquet as the brash front man of The Eradicator, Slania is a mild-mannered and pleasant guy with a ska-punk past.

Recently, in advance of the release of Peak Eradicator, Slania invited My First Band host Tyler Maas to X-Ray Arcade—which he co-owns with Direct Hit! singer Nick Woods and others—to discuss The Eradicator’s latest record, the inspiration behind the project, and everything that came before. Over the course of the lengthy conversation, Slania talked about his formative shows as part of bands like ATFO and Tension Generation in the suburbs of Chicago, starting a label that put out more than 30 releases, once having Rise Against open for him during one of their first shows, and the brief and beautiful blip that was Galactic Cannibal. At one point, someone at X-Ray also turns on a power saw for a few seconds.

My First Band is sponsored by Boulevard Brewing. The show is edited by Jared Blohm. You can listen to My First Band on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and wherever else you get podcasts. Music used in this show comes courtesy of Devils Teeth (“The Junction Street Eight Tigers”), ATFO (“I’m A Nerd”), and The Eradicator (“Imma Be Me”).