Artists like Abby Jeanne don’t come along every day. Not only does the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist have one of the single best voices in Wisconsin, she’s also one of the hardest working musicians around. Over the last three years, Abby has released two full-length albums in addition to an abundance of 7-inches and singles (on a record label she started). She played some high-profile shows, spent extended stays writing and working with some of her heroes in Los Angeles and (now) New York. She’s booked ambitious and well-received pop-up events and residencies. Though she’s accomplished a lot in a relatively short span of time, she has her sights set on way bigger things. As interesting as the last three years have been for her, Abby Jeanne has actually been on a wild creative adventure since she was a teenager.

Before her upcoming show at Turner Hall on January 11, the tireless Jeanne met My First Band host at Milwaukee Record headquarters to talk about her recent output, upcoming plans, and where her artistic journey all started. Over the course of an hour-long conversation, the singer talked about growing up in a musical household, playing in a Beatles cover band in high school, touring the country to play shows while living in a van for a few years after graduation, learning to make the most of life after experiencing unthinkable tragedy, and busking to help make ends meet while living in Europe.

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