After recording the first 13 episodes of On The Record remotely, we decided to try something a little different with Episode 14. Our friends at Club Garibaldi in beautiful Bay View were kind enough to let us take over their stage on a Tuesday night and invite the public in to be a part of our first ever LIVE podcast recording. In addition to the 25-or-so folks who were gracious enough to indulge us in our mid-week experiment, we were joined by an eclectic group of guests. Local folk staple and .357 String Band ex-pat—not to mention a regrettable snub on our Best Albums Of 2014 list—Joseph Huber joined us to play some songs and catch up. After that, Caste Of Killers comedian and co-host of “The Big Show” on 105.7 FM The Fan Ramie Makhlouf cracked jokes about his quirky parents and his Palestinian heritage before discussing the growth of Milwaukee’s comedy scene and collaborating with Tyler on an incredibly pessimistic Milwaukee Brewers season preview.

Later, Andy Silverman and Timm Gable—two founders of Milwaukee Day—talked about the origin of the hyper-local holiday they invented, its rapid growth, and what April 14 holds for Milwaukee this year (including both “official” events and otherwise). Finally, Joseph Huber came back up and, fittingly, played “Hello, Milwaukee” to bring the show home. As always, this episode was sponsored by Ale Asylum. Our brewery buddies were kind enough to stock an on-stage cooler with a variety of their delicious beers for guests to drink before, during, and after the show.