Every Wednesday at noon, Ryan Schleicher, Evan Rytlewski, and Matt Wild take to the WMSE airwaves to discuss all things Milwaukee. This half-hour fun-fest is called The Disclaimer, so named because none of the oft-ridiculous views expressed on the show necessarily reflect the views of the hosts’ employers. Milwaukee music, Milwaukee art, Milwaukee events, and D.I.Y. lawn care tips are frequently discussed—and rarely agreed upon. The Disclaimer: Talk radio for the sane.

No matter what you think of the so-called “People’s Flag of Milwaukee,” it’s hard to say it hasn’t been a success. PedalTavern your way down any hip-and-happening thoroughfare—preferably with a fidget spinner in hand—and you’re sure to see houses and businesses flying the yellow-and-blue iPhone app that absolutely screams “Milwaukee.” Will “Sunrise Over the Lake” ever become the official flag of Milwaukee? Who cares? You can buy one now for $50!

Other Wisconsin cities are falling under the “civic pride via T-shirt-friendly vexillology” spell, too. On this week’s show, Evan extrapolates on his recent Shepherd Express column about Eau Claire and La Crosse getting their own “People’s Flags.” Both campaigns are eerily similar to Milwaukee’s, as are the quaint old flags being kinda-sorta replaced by undergraduate design exercises. Do these “People’s Flags” symbolize anything other than a city’s affluent “creative class”? Are the oft-cited “rules of good flag design” a hot load of horseshit? Does the Eau Claire “People’s Flag” look like Pac-Man with a spoon in his mouth? Oh, and Matt talks about a Miller Park in-seat beer vendor who wants to ban beer sales everywhere else in the stadium.

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