“We haven’t seen each other or played together since our Man Or Astro-man? show on February 25, and our March 17 show was canceled because of the ‘rona. We’re each isolated for a variety of reasons, and we’re desperate to play together.”

So say Devils Teeth, Milwaukee’s premier band of impeccably dressed and delightfully noisy surf-rockers. But, as the saying goes, when a global pandemic hands you lemons, you make lemonade: Enter “Drop Down Gator,” a new Devils Teeth song and video recorded and shot from the group’s individual homes. It joins the video for Dramatic Lovers’ “Slow Down” in a new category of art we’re calling “The Modern World Is Terrifying But Modern Technology Is Really Convenient.”

“We recorded this new song in full, audio and video, using only the random equipment we each had in our homes—mostly our phones,” say Devils Teeth. “We still haven’t seen each other to this day.”


Devils Teeth (Jon Hanusa, Chuck Engel, Eric Arsnow, Caleb Westphal) have also made “Drop Down Gator” available for free download on the group’s Bandcamp page. You’ll have to provide your own visuals of dancing kids and Caleb wailing away at an empty Humboldt Park, however.

Provided we all continue to sit this thing out, you can catch Devils Teeth at our Milwaukee Day Make Up show August 28 at Company Brewing.

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