Though The Promise Ring has been known to play semi-frequent reunion shows, the band officially called it quits in 2002. Before parting ways that year, the seminal Milwaukee emo act released its underappreciated parting shot, wood/water. That May, The Promise Ring also appeared on Late Night With Conan O’Brien to promote its month-old album by performing “Become One Anything One Time” on national television.

Just shy of the 15th anniversary of the The Promise Ring’s May 24, 2002 Conan taping, watch the band’s first (and last) late night television appearance. Since the song aired, the members on stage have gone on to play in Maritime, Decibully, Eric & Magill, and Dramatic Lovers. Meanwhile, O’Brien moved his show to TBS, where he’s routinely filmed playing video games against celebrities. Such is life.

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