UPDATE: Yes, the dreams of millions of Wisconsin women who have long refrained from deer hunting due to the decidedly un-ladylike clothing requirements are coming closer to reality. According to the Journal Sentinel, the Republican-controlled state Assembly approved a bill on Tuesday that will finally—finally—legalize blaze pink hunting gear. “I think it’s going to be great for women hunters,” JS quotes Rep. Dianne Heselbein (D-Middleton) as saying, because of course it’s going to be. The bill will now go to the Republican-controlled Senate, which has always been there for women.

In other Assembly news, it will soon be easier for debt collection agencies to fuck with you, and harder for you to recover damages from auto insurance policies in the event of a crash. Oh, and you’re still shit out of luck on those student loans. But blaze pink hunting gear. For the ladies. FINALLY.

It’s easy to be cynical and apathetic about politics these days, what with the endless partisan bickering and deep-pocketed special interest groups working both sides of the aisle. Money talks, and the needs of rank-and-file citizens walk. But fuck all that, because Wisconsin lawmakers just put politics-as-usual aside, got real, and cleared the way for blaze pink hunting gear. FINALLY.

The Associated Press reports that the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage approved the blaze pink measure on a 14-1 vote Wednesday, clearing the way for the full Assembly to eventually take up the bill. There are currently no other states that have legalized fluorescent pink hunting gear, and no other states that are even mulling such a measure. That’s because 49 out of 50 states are afraid to tackle the real issues, like legalizing blaze pink hunting gear. (A Maine legislator proposed a blaze pink/breast cancer awareness bill earlier this year, but his dreams went nowhere.)

And while some experts argue that blaze pink stands out better than traditional blaze orange, and that deer have a harder time seeing pink than orange, the motivation behind the bipartisan Wisconsin bill is all about one thing: the ladies. And maybe jobs or something. According to the Associated Press, “the bill’s authors, Reps. Nick Milroy, D-South Range, and Joel Kleefisch, R-Oconomowoc, maintain that the measure will encourage more women to take up hunting, give hunters more clothing options, and give apparel manufacturers a boost.” Hear that, ladies? YOU CAN TOTALLY GO DEER HUNTING NOW.

In other pressing political news, Wisconsin lawmakers are tirelessly working to legalize concealed switchblades. Finally.

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