One of the most relentlessly catchy Milwaukee songs of 2022 has got to be “The Commuter,” a three-minute ditty by post-rock/power-pop outfit Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends. The song was part of a split EP (Dangerous Nomenclature) where Neutron and Chicago noise duo The Erratic Retaliator Strategy each wrote separate songs based on the same titles. And now, “The Commuter” is a video! A video directed by Milwaukee legend Mark Borchardt!

“The Commuter” isn’t Borchardt’s only music video. Back in 2019, we chatted with the filmmaker about past videos he’d completed for Milwaukee and Wisconsin groups like the Tapebenders, Tenement, and Sleepersound.

“Music videos are fascinating. They’re these small films, and there’s a lot of imagination and energy put into them,” Borchardt told us. “I find them infinitely fascinating.”

Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends are currently on tour. Their next Milwaukee gig—a record release for Dangerous Nomenclature—is set for Saturday, October 1 at Promises. Borchardt is active on social media and available for personalized video messages:

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