Last November, we alerted you to Lady Lamb‘s desire to have one of her Milwaukee area fans host an intimate private show for her when the Maine-based singer-songwriter came through town on January 26. The secret site was decided upon and the handful of ticket holders were notified where they would be seeing Lady Lamb (aka Aly Spaltro) the day of the show. If you weren’t among the 40-75 people in attendance for the small and semi-secret show, you’re in luck. Fortunately, Hear Here Presents—a Milwaukee-based music video collective—stepped up to host the show and they were gracious enough to capture some of it on film.

The latest installment in Hear Here’s live video series features Lady Lamb playing three songs before a few dozen folks crammed into the collective’s Lincoln Warehouse space. In the 17-minute video, the one-woman wrecking crew first treats the quaint crowd to “Regarding Ascending The Stairs” from 2013’s Ripely Pine. She then sets the banjo down in favor of a guitar, which she uses to play a heart-wrenching rendition of “Salt” off her new Tender Warriors Club EP and lively After cut, “Milk Duds,” to end her set.

Though only a select few people can say they were present for this intimate affair, this video is a worthwhile substitute for those of us who are still kicking ourselves for missing the show.

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