What are you doing right now? Reading this article and farting around on the internet, obviously, but what are you really doing? Are you trying to break a world record? Probably not. Well, New Berlin resident Rebeca Dishaw is, and you can watch her go for it—and enjoy some soothing harp music—right this very second. Yes, as we speak, Dishaw is posted up at the New Berlin Cascio Music, attempting to break the world record for marathon harp playing.

“Breaking a world record is absolutely on my bucket list,” Dishaw says in a press release. “I chose this record because playing the harp is my favorite hobby, and I love sharing my music with people.”

Sounds good! Dishaw, known locally as “The Tiny Harpist,” is attempting to shatter the current record of 25 hours, 34 minutes. She began her marathon concert at 10 a.m. today. And yes, Guinness is all over this.

Anyway, here she is!

And here’s a full press release. Good luck, Rebeca!


MILWAUKEE, WI (MAY 31, 2019) – Cascio Music, a musical instrument retailer celebrating 73 years of business, is excited to host New Berlin resident Rebeca Dishaw in her World Record attempt for marathon harp playing. Music fans of all ages are invited to witness history as Dishaw plays the harp continuously for over 24 hours.

“Breaking a world record is absolutely on my bucket list,” Dishaw said. “I chose this record because playing the harp is my favorite hobby, and I love sharing my music with people.” Known locally as “The Tiny Harpist,” Rebeca Dishaw will attempt to successfully break the current world record of 25 hours, 34 minutes, set by a California high school student in 2010. Dishaw contacted Guinness Book of World Records earlier this year, and received official approval to make an individual attempt for the record.

The attempt will be held at Cascio Music, Wisconsin’s largest musical instrument retailer, located at 13819 W. National Avenue in New Berlin. Dishaw’s attempt will begin at 10:00a.m. on Friday, June 14, 2019 and will extend into Saturday, June 15, 2019. The public is invited to watch Dishaw’s attempt live and in-person during normal business hours. The attempt will also be live-streamed simultaneously on The Tiny Harpist and Cascio Music social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch).

“The team at Cascio Music is proud to support Rebeca and help her bring musical history to New Berlin,” said Mike Houser, CEO of Cascio Music. “For 73 years, musicians of all ages and skill levels have counted on Cascio Music to help them create their signature sounds. What better way to honor this history than with a record-breaking celebration of the harp?”

For more information about Rebeca “The Tiny Harpist” Dishaw and her world record attempt, visit https://thetinyharpist.com.

About Rebeca Dishaw
New Berlin native Rebeca Dishaw has played the harp since she was seven years old. A lifelong music lover, she is also a music therapist and a current member of the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus (MSC). Rebeca streams her harp music online and is building a catalog of downloadable music. As a playful nod to her short stature, Rebeca can be found through most social media sites as The Tiny Harpist.

About Cascio Music
Cascio Music ranks in the top 20 nationally among musical instrument retailers. Starting in 1946, Cascio Music has provided musical instruments and accessories to musicians of all ages, including music educators at over 90,000 schools and universities, and music professionals worldwide. ARU Music, a division of Cascio Music, designs and markets proprietary musical instruments to major eCommerce retailers and schools worldwide under the brands Union Drums, Archer Guitars, Ravel Band Instruments and Melokia Ukuleles. Connect with Cascio Music at CascioMusic.com.

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