Milwaukee County parks: you know them, you love them. So let’s all get together and clean the hell out of them this weekend! (Editor’s note: As part of Milwaukee Record‘s new family-friendly image, we’re mostly refraining from using naughty words in our headlines. But the gloves are still off in the articles themselves! Hell!)

Anyway, on Saturday, May 8, Milwaukee County Parks will kick off its “Brew Hero” trash pick up blitz. “Participants are being asked to pick a park in the county and to do a miniature trash cleanup at a time of their choosing,” says the parks system. “Volunteers are encouraged to share their experience on social media using the hashtag #mkebrewhero, or to upload photos to the Milwaukee Parks Explorer app, for a chance to win monthly prizes from local ‘brew’ sponsors, including Roast Coffee Company, Soul Brew Kombucha, Stone Creek Coffee, Style Pop Café, and Outwoken Tea.”

You can sign up HERE. BYO gloves, bags, and other stuff. Keep Milwaukee County parks clean!

“Brew Hero is Milwaukee County Parks’ signature ‘micro-volunteering’ program encouraging everyday park users to leave the parks a little cleaner than they find them,” says Lindsay Frost, Engagement Manager at Milwaukee County Parks, in a press release. “Brew Hero volunteers might pledge to do a 10-minute cleanup each time they visit a park, they might commit to an hour-long family cleanup every Tuesday after dinner, or they might simply keep a spare bag in their back pocket anytime they are out and about.”

And yes, the above picture is from the time we buried a free George Webb burger in Lake Park and dug it up after one year. Sorry about that, Milwaukee County Parks and George Webb. Again: keep Milwaukee County parks clean!

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