During a game in 2019, the worlds of professional football, pop culture, and politics all came together to voice their (predominately unfavorable) opinion about comedian and daytime talk show juggernaut Ellen DeGeneres taking in a matchup between the Packers and Cowboys in a luxury box with her friend George W. Bush. In the days since DeGeneres and the polarizing former leader of the free world were spotted together, she explained their perplexing friendship, which some accepted and others spoke out against. Then the Breaking Bad movie came out on Netflix and most people on the internet moved on to disputing that instead.

Though we’re not personally interested in adding any fuel to the flames of that debate, it’s worth noting that in her monologue, DeGeneres made no attempt to hide her love of the Green Bay Packers. Though the Hollywood icon is one of the most talked about Packer Backers these days, she’s far from the only celebrity that cheers on the green and gold. In fact, depending on who you ask, DeGeneres isn’t even close to being the most famous Packers fan out there.

Not even counting deceased famous fans like Chris Farley, Liberace, and Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid and Arnold from Happy Days), there’s a wealth of modern day celebs who love the Packers. So, much like that time we arbitrarily rated well-known Mader’s customers for no reason, we figured we’d take a stab at ranking some of the most famous CONFIRMED Green Bay Packers fans out there. Using sheer opinion and next-to-no analysis, here’s how the cluster of Packer-backing actors, comedians, musicians, models, media professionals, and adult film stars shakes out. As always, feel free to waste time disputing these extremely important rankings in the comments. (Updated 11/13/2022)

30. Gretta Van Susteren
29. Chuck Todd
28. Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger
27. Brad Paisley (loses a few spots because he’s also a diehard Browns fan)
26. Frankie Rayder
25. Nate Craig
24. Ashlyn Brooke (DO NOT Google who this is if you’re reading this at work)
23. Larry The Cable Guy
22. Denis Leary (bumped down a few spots because he also roots for the Patriots)
21. Gareth Reynolds
20. Marisa Miller
19. Steve Miller
18. Justin Timberlake
17. Ellen DeGeneres
16. Jane Wiedlin
15. Paul Walter Hauser
14. Anthony Davis
13. Danica Patrick (might not be a fan anymore?)
12. Ryan Reynolds
11. Joan Jett
10. Erin Andrews
9. Harry Styles (he has a Packers tattoo)
8. James Van Der Beek
7. Tony Shalhoub (born in Green Bay and he still has season tickets with his family)
6. Baby Yoda
5. Mark Borchardt
4. Lil Wayne
3. President Joe Biden
2. Will Ferrell
1. Jodie Foster

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