In Search For The Perfect Packers Bar, Milwaukee Record contributor and Green Bay native Maggie Iken sets out to find the best Packers viewing experience Milwaukee has to offer. Catch up with previous weeks here.

On my second trip out to Tosa, I ventured to beloved Wauwatosa watering hole Leff’s Lucky Town.

The Sunday special at Leff’s is the build-your-own bloody mary ($5). They give you a glass with ice, vodka, and a garnish of a sausage stick and string cheese. Then, you go over to a station set up at the bar and add the rest in. For as much as I love drinking bloodies, I have never made one. I honestly don’t know a whole lot about what’s in them. After embarrassingly staring at the ingredients, I found my server, Brittany, and asked for assistance. She went through every ingredient to figure out the flavor I was looking for. She asked me if I like Tabasco (duh), and made it super spicy. I neglected the horseradish because yuck. I completed my garnish with one small green olive, but they had asparagus, celery, and much more. My favorite part of the whole process was, because Brittany basically held my hand the whole time, it was one of the best bloodies I’ve ever had. I hope I can replicate this in the future.

While the bloody was the highlight for me, there were other specials Leff’s offered. They had deals on Miller products (I chose to go with the $3.50 PBR tallboys instead), including buckets for $10. Every Miller product you purchased also gained you a raffle ticket. At halftime, several tickets were selected to spin their Packer prize wheel. Prizes included more free booze, which is all anyone really wanted anyway. The touchdown shots were the usual green apple Pucker that tastes like Jolly Ranchers.

Leff’s has an expansive menu consisting of typical bar fare. There are several options for burgers, chicken, nachos, apps, and more. Their specialty is their Big Ass Pretzel ($11), which I was convinced to get on name alone.

Indeed, it was a big ass pretzel. After seeing it, I thought my viewing partner and I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but I underestimated my ability to eat mass amounts of carbs. It was super soft and had just the right amount of salt on it, and came out fairly fast.

The vibe at Leff’s was certainly enjoyable. Akin to Camp Bar, they preceded the game with some jock jams. During halftime, they played Packer-themed classics such as “The Bears Still Suck,” “Roll Out The Barrel,” “Packarena,” “Fly Like A Cheesehead,” and “Green And Yellow.” Everyone was decked out in Packer gear except for the two assholes next to me wearing Cowboys garb (Really? Who are you? Why are you here?). Despite being packed (pun intended), our waitress was fast and attentive, even when dealing with tables of drunk idiots asking for 18 shots of Jameson (this really happened).

My biggest recommendation if you want to come to a game here (which you should) is to come AT LEAST an hour before kickoff. I showed up at 2:30, only to find there were no bar seats or tables left. It is also worth noting that there are no bad seats for game viewing. The room I was in, which wasn’t huge, had seven TVs. I had a good view vantage point for three of them.

Strangely, Leff’s also sells Christmas trees. Proceeds benefit area schools, which is pretty neat. It’s the only bar I’ve ever been to that also sells plants.

I think we can all agree that this win is attributed to the return of James Jones’ hoodie and Eddie Lacy’s focus, plus the addition of that weird sensual thumb-sucking action by Aaron Rodgers. Not only was the Pack doing fairly well despite the abysmal rainy weather, but the Cowboys blew it. Dez Bryant, possibly the most intimidating player on their team, had a single reception for nine yards. Every time he dropped the ball, the bar erupted in cheers and laughter. Running back Darren McFadden had an exceptional game with 111 yards (which helped out my fantasy team) in the losing effort. With Romo out, nothing about Dallas is threatening. James Starks had one rushing touchdown and one receiving, with Lacy also picking up a late score. My boy Randall Cobb even finished the evening with 81 yards. Oh, and fuck Greg Hardy.

All in all, I had a blast at Leff’s. It’s quirky and unique and puts on a good Packer party. I wish it wasn’t all the way out in Tosa, but next time I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll definitely stop by.

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