Compared to last year, in which Antler House released its marvelous and emotional Across The Waves (that easily cracked our Best Milwaukee Albums Of 2016 list) before putting out two music videos, the indie-leaning folk trio had a fairly uneventful 2017. Though live outings were few and far between, it turns out Antler House was quietly productive after all. The band was hard at work writing and self-recording their third full-length, which is due out sometime next year.

The video for “Thunderbird Country,” the lead single from that forthcoming release, features Antler House as you’ve never heard them (or seen them) before. Shot and directed by a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and Antler House high school classmate Dylan Boom (who’s also responsible for the band’s “Real Things” music video), the song’s visual pairing takes a strange-yet-inventive approach. The protagonist takes some sort of hallucinogen before wandering into the wilderness and taking in a live performance of the Antler House song…from a band that’s definitely not Antler House.

Watching the faintly electronic stylistic departure being played by a bunch of L.A. models (who inexplicably trade instruments mid-song) is actually a somewhat fitting visual depiction for a song that singer Sean Anderson admits “is way different than the other stuff on the album.” Take a dose of Antler House’s latest and spend some time in an alternate universe. If you like what you hear, you can see the real Antler House play at Bremen Cafe on Friday, November 24.

Antler House – Thunderbird Country from Dylan Boom on Vimeo.

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