When we last checked in with NilexNile (formerly known as the far less Google-friendly “Nile”), the Milwaukee rapper was making history when he became the first musician to perform on The Hop as part of this summer’s Milwaukee Hip-Hop Week festivities.

Since that mobile show on Milwaukee’s streetcar back in August, NilexNile has been busy putting the finishing touches on a new full-length album. Treason Youththe rapper’s second record this year—is due out Friday. Prior to that November 22 release, NilexNile is getting listeners ready for his follow-up to this spring’s Hunter EP with a brand new music video for Treason Youth‘s lead single.

Directed by Anthony Doffek and Steven Robinson, the “If You Down” video matches the bright, fun, and carefree feel of the song itself. Over the course of two an a half minutes, NilexNile and Trinity Mason dance to Prod.Vert‘s infectious and summer-suited beats.

“We wanted to create more of a fun video that wasn’t too planned and just was a good time to make, as the song was aimed to give that energy off,” co-director Anthony Doffek of Tell Your Friends Media says.

As you wait to hear the rest of NilexNile’s Treason Youth later this week, enjoy the sights and sounds the “If You Down” video below.

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