As we all know, Milwaukee is home to the world’s only lap steel metal band, Velocihamster. We’ve covered the unlikely group in these digital pages many times before, telling you that a.) Velocihamster is the project of Milwaukee lap steel guitarist Sean Williamson, and b.) Velocihamster totally rules. Last summer, the progressive-rock “slidecore” outfit released a nine-track covers album called Uncaged. (Lap steel takes on Motörhead’s “Ace Of Spaces” and Sneaker Pimps’ “6 Underground” are included.) Now, Williamson is back with another cover—Pink Floyd’s “Money”—though this one comes with some personal significance: It’s dedicated to his father, Alan, who passed away in May.

“My dad’s love of Floyd sparked my earliest appreciation of rock ‘n’ roll and music in general,” Williamson says in a press release. “Arranging and recording a classic like ‘Money’ helps me put his passing into perspective in a positive manner. If I can summon a special memory or two with these sounds and immortalize them onto a recording, it’s a cathartic way to honor my pops.”

Along with Williamson’s lap steel work, the track features vocals from Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric, and saxophone from Aaron Gardener. (The cover art, of course, is a nod to the whole Dark Side Of The Moon/Wizard Of Oz synchronicity thing.) Listen to the lap steel “Money” here:

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